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Katikati Naturist Park

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    Park panorama

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    Tents in glade plus people


Mental Refreshment

Freedom From Clothes

Relaxation • Mental Refreshment • Freedom From Clothes

Katikati Naturist Park is a modern holiday park with a full range of recreation and accommodation facilities that provide a safe and secure environment in which to enjoy being clothes-free.

Going free of clothes in such a setting is about returning to the essence of what makes us human. Here, you can enjoy the sense of freedom, relaxation and mental refreshment that comes from being clothes free and gain acceptance of your body, regardless of age, size, shape or scars.

Modern society puts such unhealthy expectations on people in terms of body image, but KNP provides a safe place in which to celebrate the wonderful variety of the human shape and to realise your body is already perfect.

If you have never experienced a naturist park, come and find out for yourself what you have been missing. In 17 years of operation and hosting thousands of guests, KNP has seen many re-think their preconceptions and all are happy customers!

Listen to your inner sense that tells you being naked and free is being truly human the way we are meant to be.

Be paid to live the naturist lifestyle

Joan & Kevin are seeking a couple to work for them running Katikati Naturist Park. After an introductory period the couple will be given responsibility for performing all the duties required to keep the Park running on a daily basis at its current high quality of service.

Thus they will need to be;

The work is a mixture of indoor and outside tasks.

It is envisaged, subject to discussion, that the staff will work on a 21 days on and 7 days off roster, plus normal holiday allowances. As the position is a ‘job and done’ type situation there is ample scope within the three week duty period for one or other of the couple to leave the Park for shopping, recreation, etc.

The remuneration package includes a salary, free use of a three bedroom house, and other free services. As is normal, taxation is payable on these free components.

For a full job description contact Kevin & Joan on 0800 4 567 567 or email an enquiry.

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